The Right Container for Each Project –
Variable, Benefit-Oriented and Tested

Our wide container range offers you a variety of dischargeable containers, skip trainers and containers for bulk tippers. We will be glad to advise you on which container type you require to perfectly handle your disposal measure. For hazardous waste, a special container to transport solid and liquid substances will be at your disposal. All our containers undergo regular maintenance and the accident prevention inspection (according to BGR, the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Rescources, 186 or BetrSichV, the German regulations on health and safety at work).

We offer you:

> Containers for bulk tippers sizes 7 cbm – 40 cbm
> Press container for bulk tippers 15 cbm – 20 cbm
> Skip trailers sizes 2 cbm – 10 cbm
> Press skip trailers 8 cbm – 12 cbm
> Dischargeable containers 1.1 cbm / 2.5 cbm / 5 cbm
> Large refuse containers 120 l / 240 l / 770 l

For hazardous waste:

> ASF (IBC) 1000 l (for liquids)
> ASF (IBC) 425 l (special container for combustible/water-polluting liquids)
> ASP (IBC) 800 l (pasty – solid )
>Lever lock ring drums 30/60/120/200 l
> Bunghole barrels 200 l
> Any other approved packages upon request