Tradition Meets Innovation –
Recognized, Established and Future-Oriented

The SPERBER company looks back on 100 years of experience and service competence. This has gone along with its good reputation as an innovative and competent partner ever since.


1880 Christoph Sperber incorporates his carriage company to transport coal, graphite and cedarwood for the Nuremberg pencil industry
1922 Johann Sperber continues to expand his business with the rail freight at the Nuremberg northern station
1956 Hans Sperber uses the very first skip lorry ever in Germany
1983 Startup of the first external customers’ paper warehouse in Nuremberg. Some of the solutions installed over there are pathbreaking for the industry
1997 Certification of SPERBERs as specialist disposal company according to §52 of the German Waste Recycling and Management Law
1999 In the course of the international transport and logistics trade fair "Eurocargo 99", the company is awarded the „European Transport Prize 99“ by an international jury
2000 Move into new administrative building at the Nuremberg port
2009 The name changes into Johann SPERBER GmbH & Co. KG
2010 Implementation of eANV, the German electronic record procedure for waste recovery and disposal, with a recognized provider status